Programmes should be adapted to children, and not the other way round ...

Only a good balance of competence, work, ambition and results can bring the child to self-realization, to happiness. Is it not the fact that parents, teachers, the entire society impose on themselves the responsible task - to have happy children?

Adapting programmes to children, defining their interests, directing them towards quality and not towards a massive approach, overall musical education with harmonized activities and cooperation of all sections, genuine accord between teachers and pupils, between teachers and parents, among teachers themselves and colleagues in broader environment are an essential prerequisite of attaining this goal. This is why the organization as well as the content and the programme of the Tartini Musical Studio is somewhat different. There is a strong emphasis on adapting the curriculum to child's age and his special psycho-physical abilities. Individual sections can be presented to parents throughout the year and to general public at numerous performances and within the introductory weeks at the end of the school year when the door of the school is wide opened to anyone who is interested in our work.