Higher standard program

The program is not government recognised, but it is comparable to the standards of knowledge prescribed for the completion of the ‘matura’ in the subject of music.

Duration: 4 years


  • piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass
  • solfeggio, music theory, harmony and morphology
  • chamber music, orchestra, choir

Duration of lessons

  • instrument 2 x 45 minutes
  • music theory subjects - integrated 1 x 60 minutes
  • orchestra, chamber music and choir – project

Form of instruction

  • instrument – individual lessons
  • music theory subjects - group lessons with 8 to 10 pupils

Targeted age group

  • pupils with the greatest chance for success in their profession - professional orientation
  • pupils with outstanding musical abilities and the ability to contribute to the development of their musical potential through an intuitive and analytical approach, spontaneously and academically
  • pupils who show a high level of interest
  • pupils who, at the time of choosing their field of study, are highly likely to be able to choose music, based on their talent, acquired knowledge and skills 
  • pupils whose previously gained knowledge provides an adequate basis for further development at the level of secondary music education
  • pupils who are likely to carry the profession as a musician with love and enthusiasm, and with their musical activity enrich their own lives and the lives of others, and thus ensure their own material existence


  • all aspects of musical development: artistic and creative abilities, instrumental techniques, tonality expressions, development of virtuosic playing, acquisition of general musical skills and development of the performance strength
  • preparing for further music education
  • striving to achieve standards at a higher level

Characteristics of the program

  • internship program for pupils who do not yet meet all the criteria for a professional orientation (age, previous knowledge etc.)
  • possibility to transfer to the program for adults

Conditions for enrolment

  • completed primary music education
  • clearly expressed interest for further development
  • the majority entrance examination panel consent
  • upon availability

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